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General Information

Company Type: Regular
Muster Point: Fort Meade, MD


Paul M Culbertson1st LieutenantCommanding Officer 6/26/1935 to **/**/****
Robert C GeiselmanCaptainCommanding Officer 2/4/1936 to **/**/****
M F HillCaptainCommanding Officer **/**/**** to **/**/****
Warren C Landis1st LieutenantAdjutant **/**/**** to **/**/****
Frederick R Lardin1st LieutenantExchange Officer **/**/**** to **/**/****
Charles M O'Donnell1st LieutenantCommanding Officer **/**/**** to 2/4/1936
Leon J TetlowCaptainCommanding Officer 12/12/1933 to 6/26/1935


NamePositionService Period
B L Black, M.A.CEA **/**/**** to **/**/****
Donald BoyleLeader **/**/**** to **/**/****
unknown BrindleyEnrollee 4/**/1933 to **/**/****
Donald BuddLeader **/**/**** to **/**/****
Harry W DavisNo Information 6/16/1933 to **/**/****

Project NameDates Occupied
S-112-PA**/**/**** to **/**/****
S-60-PA**/**/**** to **/**/****
S-80-PA**/**/**** to **/**/****

TitleDocument Description
1381 History.pdf1381 Company History
All CCC Camps Excell From NACCAThis spreadsheet has a listing of all CCC camps by state from the NACCA.


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