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Crawford L Kline

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3286/1/1935 to **/**/****


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S-90-PA6/1/1935 to **/**/****


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When I entered information I entered my first name, Crawford, but I was known by my middle name in camp which was LaRue. Here is a story about the C.C. C. that I put in my life story. " It was about this time ( 1933 ) or a little later that President Franklin D. Roosevelt started the Civilian Conservation Corps that took thousands of young men off the streets and put them in Army type barracks throughout the USA. You had to be on welfare to get in and as I qualified I signed up and was sent first to Ft. Meade in Virginia ( I think ) We were only there a few days and were sent back to Williamsport where we were loaded on trucks and shipped to Leetonia, PA. We had to go over what was called " the Wellsville Narrows " and believe me the road was narrow, one lane, icy, we figured we'd wind up at the bottom of a ravine, but we made it. I remember there was two kids that started walking back down the same road we came up on. They had had enough. It would take a book to relate all of my experiences in the CCC, but I willtry to relate some of them. One of my most notable experiences happened when two truck loads of guys went to Galeton.PA to see a movie. The theater was quite unusual, it was built on the side of a steep hill, you had to go down a flight of stairs to get into the balcony and go down one more to get on the main floor. But the theater was not the main event that night. On the way back to camp, on a dirt roadthat was soaked by spring rains the first t06/20/2004
I was a member of CCC Co. 328 S90 on June 1st 1935. I have pictures of the camp that I sent to the CCC Collection P.O. Box 5, Woodbury N.J. 08096. I still have some of those pictures and I also have a life history I compiled that relates an accident I was in while in the camp06/06/2004

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